Lion Dr.E.N.Palanisamy

Lion Dr. ENP’s Group of Institutions, Dindigul

Chairman's Desk

"To know what you know that you know what you don’t know that you don’t know is true knowledge"

- Confucius (Chinese teacher and philosopher of 551 BC)

Learning, I would say, is an art. An art that is never-ending and ever-lasting, of course, confined to one’s will to learn, irrespective of the IQ everyone is gifted with. IQ & EQ are only the sheer products of one’s own learning experiences.

So much so, to me, it’s only an ideal learning at every phase of human life occurs and recurs that takes one to the other greater streams viz. the art of thinking and the art of living. For instance, the teachers have learned to learn, think and probably to live as well while the taught are learning to learn, think and live. Nevertheless, none escapes from learning nor becomes in a moment ‘learned’. The school is a place where the learners obtain an ongoing series of learning experiences engulfed in an ocean of opportunities. None needs to be scared of storms, for you are only learning to sail your ship. When the children learn to sail in this ocean with complete discard to any scariness, they learn to think and eventually they learn to live. Hence, the art of learning to think enhances one’s mind and the art of living enlightens one’s heart.

If we are good learners, we can turn all scars into stars. What we need to acquire is the attitude to learn with an Open Mind rather than an Empty Mind. An open mind is flexible; it evaluates and may accept or reject ideas based on merit. An empty mind is a dumping yard for good and bad; it accepts anything without evaluation. Let’s pray and bless our young and tender Omshanthiyans to be good and ageless learners. Let’s always remember that one can be more learned without degrees and more ignorant with degrees if learning is not kept in right perspective.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy learning at Om Shanthi CBSE School!

With warm regards

Lion Dr.E.N.Palanisamy

Chairman, Lion Dr. ENP’s group of Institutions, Dindigul